For the third time, our panel of world-class speakers will show us how artists, robots, nomads and system beating activists are reshaping the creative business worldwide.

Venus Lau, Artistic Director of K11 Art Foundation Southern China

Venus Lau, Artistic Director of K11 Art Foundation and the assistant general manager of K11 Southern China, will explain the pioneering concept behind the museum/mall/playground where culture, entertainment, shopping and living revolve around art.

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Vidjay Beerepoot, Hollywood music composer

Find out how Vidjay Beerepoot composes film music for Hollywood studios. Beerepoot will take us on a musical journey, while co-creating a piece of music with you, the audience as well as with the A.I. 

Zeke Daniels-Shpall

Remote work expert Zeke Daniels-Shpall will give us a first-hand taste of how the future of (decentralized) work will look like. He will connect live with digital nomadic workers of the Remote Year program and talk about global vs local issues, how to help change the way people think about work and travel and what it’s like to be a part of a completely distributed team.

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Jiye Emily Seong-Yu, human rights activist

Jiye Emily Seong-Yu will show us how we can use technology to preserve and promote human rights. Artists, workers, families and business founders are able to hack the political systems, beat the controlling technology and to raise a new economic power.

Blockchain-based, honest ticketing

There’s a need for a transparent ticketing ecosystem, where disgraceful secondary market prices and ticket fraud are non-existent. GUTS will explain in a short talk the why and how of this new, fair and proven ecosystem. Meanwhile, our graduate students are testing ticketing through a Beta version of a new d’App, based on ELA tokens: what are their first impressions?